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- Lara Fabans, USA,

I recently started in affiliate marketing after retiring from the military and one of the best tools I discovered is Big Content Search.

I used to struggle to find quality content for my websites but not anymore! Big Content Search has an unbelievable article database with thousands of high quality PLR content that I use to quickly rewrite, spin and post to my affiliate websites. I like how it integrates with Spin Chimp and other spinning software, it has saved me a lot of time with my article creation. It couldn't get any better than this!

Thanks again for such a great service.

- John Connolly, USA

- Mark Stidham, USA,

I discovered Big Content Search thanks to a YouTube video. I am really happy to have joined!

It's a goldmine. I feel I belong to a community of like-minded people, learning a lot and passing on knowledge to others. You get bonuses, regular emails (if you so desire) and access to a wide range of well-written articles and ebooks of great value.

I recommend Big Content Search to bloggers, writers and all those interested in widening their knowledge.

And thank you very much for being considerate towards the visually-impaired community. I find the site very accessible overall.

- Hassan Erraji

- Myra Love, USA,

As a leading inbound marketing agency, we're always searching for relevant articles and content for our clients' websites. We use Big Content Search to help us source inspiration pieces. We're able to source hundreds of topical articles in a few clicks and find plenty of articles on our requisite topics. It shortens our copywriters research time from hours to minutes.

- Stephenie Rodriguez, Australia,

- Pete Wentworth, USA,

After being slapped by Penguin and our ranking lost literally overnight we know what had to be done. Everyone knew that Google would zoom in on the quality of content. Duplicate content? Who cared? I still got the sites in the top of SERPs if I had enough backlinks.

The game has changed and we had to focus on getting great if not the best content there was to get back in the game. We tried some services and there are some very decent ones out there but with no doubt I can state that Big Content Search played a major part in getting back to the top!

Even now with Google's Penguin 2.0 doing its thing again, the ranking of our new sites with Big Content Search content remain stable in the SERPs. For this I want to thank you and a big thumbs up from the LPFM crew. Keep up the good work!

- Tim Brouwers, The Netherlands,

- Nicola Polizzy Carbonelli, Italy

I absolutely love Big Constant Search! They have the most complete and well written e-books, articles etc. you will ever find on the Internet.

Their site has helped me tremendously. I am able to develop new content for my new website. My clients also love the articles and information.

I strongly recommend this site to writers, bloggers, and everyone else who need any kind of content.

- Barbara Savin, MotivateYourLife.Net

- Dennis O'Brien, Australia,

I just love Big Content Search! When I first used it I was so surprised on how much content I was able to find. It really helped me with my blogs and articles and more.

I really recommend this product to every marketer out there.

- Danielle Long, USA

- Alex Voitovics, Ireland

I have been in Internet Marketing for more than 2 years now and still struggling to earn. One of the biggest problems I have is providing quality content that my less-than-10-a-day visitors would value. Having articles outsourced is very expensive which I honestly cannot afford. And writing it on my own takes too much of my time.

Now with Big Content Search, I have all the quality content I need. The list is enormous! It is simply overwhelming and comforting at the same time knowing that I will no longer be worrying how to and what to write for my blogs.

- Fr. Joel L., Philippines,

- Shreyas MP, USA

I am really glad to be a member of Big Content Search. I've been a member for over a year and I've been using the articles for submissions to different websites.

I'm also impatiently waiting for your new products becuase I know they'll minimize my time and effort that goes into basic monotonous tasks so I can concentrate on the more profitable activities.

All the best!

- Samik Majumder,

- Sovanna Chuon,

Big Content Search has been my go to source for quality content on several sites. Big Content Search along with Big Media Scraper has been a huge time saver helping me get quality content, relevant videos and images.

With the plugin WP Postly, it's really a great 'set and forget' system that can create posts on autopilot. I have this running on my own sites and also client sites to help create fresh content rather than having sites becoming stagnant.

Thanks for the great services.

- David Schroeder, USA,

We began using Big Content Search to help us find relevant and useful content for our website. I have to say that from the moment that I began my first search I was surprised with not only the amount of available articles in my specialized niche but also with the quality of the articles as well.

We are constantly using Big Content Search in our daily marketing and SEO efforts and have seen an increase in our PageRank and a reduced amount of time that we spend on the internet looking for these articles. There is nothing that compares to Big Content Search. To top it off if you ever need something from their support staff they are always there for you to answer your questions and get your problem resolved quickly and efficiently.

I strongly recommend Big Content Search if you are serious about your SEO and marketing efforts and want to see quality results and keep Google happy.

- George Negron, USA,

The quality at Big Content Search is outstanding. I've used the material to develop five websites in the last year, with even more planned for this year.

When the Longterm membership for a one-time payment became available, I was thrilled!

Also, you'll never find faster or more pleasant customer support at any other online firm.

I cannot recommend Big Content Search highly enough.

- Brenda G., USA,

I truly love Big Content Search!

I don't really remember how I found out about these guys, but I can tell you that I am very happy I did. No more flopping around the internet, they always have fresh content at your finger tips. Want more content? Easy, just request it and you got it.You can even download your articles already spun.

Another thing I love about these guys, Big Content Search is web-based, so no installation needed. It doesn't get any easier than that!

I highly recommend Big Content Search! It saves you time and money.

- Mayra Núñez, USA,

I was very wary of using this service but when it has the support of top marketers like Walt Baylis, then I sit up and listen.

What struck me was how easy it is to use the system and even though it can sometimes be difficult to find what you want, you can half you work time by using the articles there and editing them for your own use.

It got me a high pr site up and running with great content in no time and by adding my own spin to the content, I had unique and strong content that Google loves.

This is a must have service for any Internet Marketer and just by using you will see how powerful it is and how you can up your game tenfold.

- Jock Brocas, USA,

While I have only had Big Content Search for a few weeks, it has helped me tremendously to develop great new content for my website. It has helped me to generate new ideas for articles and other content for my new website.

What I like best about Big Content Search is the ease of searching the site for relevant content for my Marriage Advice website. Unlike so many PLR sites, I can quickly find articles that fit my topic then I can get back to building my website and not waste time searching for the right information.

I definitely recommend Big Content Search to anyone who needs to generate lots of content for their website or newsletters. It has made the tedious process of developing good, solid content much more manageable and enjoyable.

I am very glad I found this great resource before I started building my latest website. I wish I had known about this when I first started doing business online several years ago.

- Debbie Schaefer, USA,

The service that y'all provide at Big Content search is nothing short of a God-send. The content that is delivered is top-notch and easy to read. The software works extremely well with my spinner software as well. The wide variety of articles and ebooks is quite large and there will never be any shortage of content that we are all desperately seeking to increase our exposure online.

The support staff are great as well and are responsive and ready to help with any issues. Big Content Search is an invaluable tool to any marketer trying to gain a bigger presence online. You can't go wrong with this product.

- Kurt Stockhausen, USA,

I receive email constantly from the "gurus" that tell me PLR is the only way to go in adding content to my website and that "fresh" PLR is critical.

I chose Big Content Search as a supplier because I found it simple to locate an abundance of articles I can use on my site. When I combine the tools at Spin ReWriter, it would appear I will never run out of new material.

I like the ability to choose my own batch of content to place in my download cart rather than buying a mass of articles which may or my not be relevant to my needs. So far, the quantity of articles that match my searches has proven to be more than sufficient, usually several pages worth of titles from which to choose.

So far, I am quite pleased with the service. Keep up the good work.

- Wayne Barnes, USA,

Big Content Search has been vital to my business efficiency. It works together with other products giving you the best results possible.

I definitely encourage anyone trying to get into the business of blogging to get a hold of this service as soon as possible. The topics you can search for are limitless and not difficult to optimize. I blog about completely different topics from music, to sports, to network marketing.

I honestly can say that I saved weeks if not months because of Big Content Search.

- Carlos Hurtado, USA,

Big Content Search is just what is needed, just what you want and just when you need it the most! The powerful combination of Big Content Search and Spin ReWriter 3 is unstoppable and provides me with just the tools I need and saves me immeasurable time.

Big Content Search’s relevant articles are very good and the content is easily workable. I search for articles, download a handful, read them, select a choice or combine them, Spin Rewriter it and hand massage it into a near masterpiece.

With a highly responsive staff and focus upon the member’s requests, Big Content Search provides the value I expect. Thanks!

- Michael D., USA,

Before using Big Content Search, I was using another PLR membership. The problem was, I had to wait for them to send me articles every 2 to 3 days and worst they were outdated news from 2 years ago. And to get a ebook I had to wait for a month.

Now with Big Content Search, I do not have this problem anymore because all articles and ebooks are there for me to download daily. Even though the daily limit is set at 150, trust me, it is more than enough.

Furthermore, the website is well organised and you can easily navigate around. Support is prompt, I even got a reply from them on a Sunday.

Everything is simplified with these guys here in Big Content Search.

- Benjamin Young, Singapore,

AMAZING! I have used WordPress for over 4 years and I can honestly say that I have never been this excited. Blog Post Spinner with Big Content Search is the absolute perfect tool for adding relevant and authoritative content to virtually ANY BLOG.

Not only does Big Content Search offer a substantial amount of content on virtually ANY subject - but the content is high quality and obviously they are selective about the articles that are listed.

I added 3 post so far with Blog Post Spinner - all I had to do was add a keyword in the TITLE and BODY. BAM! That's it - click "Yes" below the editor by the 'Use Big Content Search?' option and in a matter of seconds a high quality and completely relevant 400+ word blog post appeared right before my eyes.

Also tech support is UNBELIEVABLE! Answered all my questions - at 3 AM!

(Thanks - totally made my day buddy!)

  • Awesome Value
  • Absolutely Useful
  • Blows away similar tools - its like going from a Ford Taurus to an Aston Martin One-77!

Check out the last 3 posts on my site - all the proof you need.

- Joshua, USA,

I must admit I accidentally came across Big Content Search via a Wordpress plugin vendor. At the time I was already a subscriber to a monthly PLR membership site and to be honest with you, the quality wasn’t that great. Hence the Big Content Search recommendation looked interesting.

My first test was to ask my partner to think of a subject, ANY subject, to see if I could catch out the site content subject matter, but as hard as she tried every single search suggestion came back with results, which I must admit I was very impressed with and so was my partner. So much so that, she suggested I dump the other membership site and go with Big Search Content in fact she even offered to pay for a longterm membership as it looked like a no brainer!

To cut a long story short, she was right the ONLY place I get my PLR from now is Big Content, it's so versatile, you have the choice to download just one article and rewrite that one, or you can download a few articles on the same subject take all the information and write a completely new single article. You can put a few articles together on the same subject and offer them as a free pdf download and the list goes on and on.

I am VERY grateful to my good lady for buying me a longterm membership it has saved me a lot of time and money.

- Rod Forte, UK,

I started using Big Content Search just a few weeks ago and it has made an amazing difference to the amount of work I an accomplish every day. I used to spend so much time looking for sources of information for the articles I was writing. Now I just get a great article from Big Content Search, and spin it to turn out any number of unique articles which I need for my websites and blogs. Wonderful and I look forward to using Big Content Search to save me time and work for years to come.

- John M.,

I have just purchased Big Content Search and took the chance of signing up for the longterm option.

I have been using PLR material which was OK but I had to keep searching to find new material on a regular basis.

This software product is absolutely amazing as I now have everything I need in one place without ever having to look anywhere else again.

That's the way I like things so I would recommend anyone sitting on the fence to leap over the other side immediately, IF NOT SOONER, and absorb and put to use all this wonderful content.

- Trev Smith, UK,

I have used a number of services that supply articles and content that you can use for your own purposes but none of them come close to what Big Content Search offers in terms of quality, quantity and diversity. I can easily find all the content that I need for my money sites as well as content for putting through a spinner to get high quality, readable, content. This service has saved me a LOT of time and money in my business and I highly recommend it.

- Michael Sherriff, UK

When I purchased a membership to Big Content Search I was slightly sceptical on what I was joining.

However within a hour I was searching through thousands of quality articles and found a number that I could use to promote my website, either through my website blog or through the blog directories. That same evening I was able to submit my chosen article. It was checked and accepted and the process of submission was started. I will get more than 700 links just for one article.

I thoroughly recommend membership of Big Content Search to anyone who seriously wants to promote a business online.

- Stuart J., UK,

Wow, what can I say ... this service is awesome!

This service has been fantastic in providing us with quality content that provides a base for our writing team to complete.

This is important to us because we have clients from many different areas and in the past it was sometimes a real chore to find relevant articles. I am very pleased with Big Content Search and appreciate the value of their service.

- George W., USA,

One of the things I've struggled with has been content creation. I love Internet marketing and outsourcing was the obvious answer but it was starting to cost a lot of money. I can write but just don't particularly enjoy doing it. When I discovered Big Content Search, the solution to my problem was finally found. With such a great range of articles on offer, I found the resource that I really needed. I also have access to a load of articles for my link building efforts.

Overall, it's saved me a lot of money and is a great investment.

- Waiman.Y, UK,

Big Content Search resolved all my problems with finding articles that I can really use. The time that I have saved searching for articles has given me a lot more time with actually working on my business.

The service is well worth the investment, finding articles is a breeze right now.

- Nick M., USA,

If you want to save yourself a whole lot of time researching for articles then look no further! Big Content Search is the answer for savvy online marketers. The easy to use search feature allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for. It has saved me from hours of trudging through site after site trying to gather enough content to create descent articles for publishing.

- Mark C., Australia,

At first I thought I was going to just log-in to your site, take a quick look around and then just cancel. This is because of how the industry is, and how many other similar sites are and have been junk and just figured your site would be the same, boy was I wrong.

I will be a member for life, or at least until I use all the content up, as we do a lot of work.

And having a spinner built in puts even more icing on the cake! For people who do not have their own spinner this will help out a LOT! And for people who do have their own spinner, this will save time because you can have it spin, put the articles in a zip that you easily and quickly download.

So good job to you and your team!

Keep up the FANTASTIC WORK!!!

- Richard J., USA

I was skeptical when I was offered this promotion but after further inspection I've found Big Content Search to be a great asset. I run a technology site and writing original content took up an enormous amount of time. With Big Content Search I can find articles that interest me and use those as a starting point to build upon and create truly original content. If you have writers block it is a great and safe place to draw ideas from to get your website full of great articles for your readers.

- Damion D, USA,

One thing I can say about Big Content Search ... a godsend (if you will)! I just love this program and even though I haven't gotten the chance to actually use the articles yet, I have searched for potential articles and could not have asked for a more easier way to do that. The time that I've saved is amazing. I would spend days looking for PLR articles, but with your program I can literally split that time in half.

Being able to have that information available at my fingertips is something I need, especially since internet marketing is a venture I am currently pursuing. I've been doing a lot of research about making money online and one thing that always seem to come up is that "Content Is King." I know that in order to make your site stand out, you must provide relevant and unique content. So having an article spinner readily available is very productive for me, too.

- Lucimarie Rawls

Visiting and searching Big Content Search is like visiting a brand-new gift shop in a tourist town. It is bright, attractive, well-organized, and the owner is so excited to be there that he just can’t wait to help you. Great site, easy to search, glad to be a member!

- Teresa Miller, USA,

I am a Spanish marketer that speaks English and I am in the self help niche, but in my language, in order to have good and unique content, I was paying 4 times the price I am paying to Big Content Search, but also I used to receive a package praying that all the content woluld be relevant to my site and ideas, now I don't have that problem any more, now I chosse the articles that I want to post in my site, I download them, I personally translate them, I make them unique and cabbum I have very unique content, now every time I come up with something to give to my customers, I just come to Big Content Search, I search for what I need and repeat all the process, marvellous. Plus I am building other sites in other niches and I don't have to worry because I got all the content here.

I am very happy I found Big Content search, it resolved many of my problems and worries.

- Carlos Manitas, Spain

I’ve been using PLR articles in my online marketing for a while now. I bought a lot of PLR article packs in the past. One of the problems that I started to find after a while is that I would keep seeing the same articles showing up again and again in the different PLR article packs that I bought. What I really like about Big Content Search is that I can easily find different PLR articles in a lot of different niches, quickly and easily with the PLR search engine that they’ve got. Since I’ve found Big Content Search I actually stopped buying PLR article packs because I found that I was able to find whatever content I needed on Big Content Search.

I’m a big fan of it. I think it’s a fantastic service, it’s a great value for the price that you pay and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is into Internet Marketing.

- Richard Spackman, UK

I registered on Big Content Search yesterday, and have already been enjoying the immense benefits of your service! I have several ideas to make the most out of articles here for my business. I believe your service opened up completely new opportunities for me, and am really grateful.

- Haruko, Japan

Without a doubt your PLR is the highest quality. Having bought from at least 10 other PLR vendors and getting disappointed, I do not bother using anybody else now.

- Derrick Smithers, USA

Well I was debating the cost, but after I wrote to you and canceled, I went on the site and started searching. WOW!

Forget about it. Reactivate my subscription. I just found almost unlimited articles in my niche. I am SURELY going to use your service. It’s way worth it.

I just saved 10 seed articles in my niche I can work with in 3 minutes.

Thanks for the quick support.

- Matt, USA

What I can say is … this content membership site can take the place of many PLR article sites as well as the need for purchasing PLR articles on an ongoing basis. You join this one and that’s it – no more messing around with your hard-earned money and you will be able to find the most up-to-par content when you need it – from this membership site alone.

I’ve found that my investment into this membership site has paid me so many times more with regard to the fact that I no longer need to look out for PLR content to purchase, thus saving myself much time and money in the process.

- John Chen,

I have been a member since the early beta days of this service are have used it on every new web project that I have launched since then, It is an invaluable resource that allows you to find PLR articles in your niche easily and quickly. In many cases, some of the articles have never been downloaded before. I love the ability to search and select an article for later download. You can find all the articles you need and then download them in a batch – a real time saver. This is truly a service required by every internet marketer – once you start to use it, it becomes a core part of your process. Thanks guys for offering a great service.

- Colin Southwell, UK,

I’ve got to say that the longer I use this, the better I like it. The application even gives us the ability to report articles that turn out to be nothing but spam or crap, so they can be removed from the database. The more users and the more articles that are added, the better it will get due to this weeding out of garbage. I don’t know where he gets the articles that he continues to add but I have yet to see one that I already have on my hard drive – and I have a LOT of PLR on my hard drive. These are not the same articles that have been passed around the net in giveaways for years.

- Tina Golden, USA,

As an internet marketer, I always need fresh and unique content for my sites and for posting to other sites for backlinking purposes. In the past, I have to write my own articles or buy PLR articles. It was time-consuming and incurring extra costs for me. Since I found the Big Content PLR database, getting unique content is as simple as typing in my desired topic and clicking a Search button. I’m saving so much time and money now just using this database. Great service so far and keep up the good work!

- Alex Tsui, Malaysia

I'm fairly new to Internet Marketing and blogging. Creating interesting content for my site is always a challenge. The niche articles available on Big Content Search really help me expand my posts and draw in larger audiences. I like that I can draw on multiple areas to build a wider fan base.

- Jim A.,

I've been using Big Content Search for the past couple of months to help me get ideas, and even content, for my new website. I can't tell you how instrumental this tool was in giving me great content that I could re-purpose and use in developing my site.

I also like how easy it is to use & find the content! The search function is top notch!

It made my life so much easier! I would highly recommend this to anyone that is in need of content generation.

- W.A. Smith, USA,
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