PLR and Duplicate Content

We get a lot of questions regarding PLR and its use on your own websites. So we decided it would be best if we answer all these questions on one page.

"Is your PLR unique?"

Private Label Rights (PLR) by definition is not unique - it's low cost content because it is shared with other people. This means that you will not and cannot find PLR content that is unique for you.

"Will Google penalize me for using PLR?"

This question comes from the first one - if PLR is not unique, will Google penalize me for it if I publish it on my website?

No, Google does not penalize duplicate content. But it may put it in supplement index which would mean no benefit for SEO.

Watch the video below presented by their engineer, Greg Grothaus.

So if you'd like to use PLR on as web content, it's recommended you rewrite it in your own words or use an article spinner. Keep in mind though, a lot of people normally rank duplicate content, they just report having to build more backlinks.

How To Use PLR Articles

You can use PLR for many other things, not just website content. Here are just a few:

  • use them for content in your email autoresponders,
  • create a podcast by reading a PLR article or even
  • record a screencast with slides based on an PLR article.

We analyze a lot more uses in detail in members' area. There you can read everything from basic market research articles to advanced techniques in using PLR and PLR articles.

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