Methods For Making Money With PLR

Use PLR as Content for Simple Membership Courses

Simple membership courses can be created easily with PayPal and Aweber. Load up your autoresponder with content and send out information automatically on weekly or monthly basis. Charge monthly subscription for the information.

Repurpose PLR Articles And Increase The Value

You can take PLR articles and repurpose them as audio or video. For example: open up your favorite presentation software, break the article into a few slides and then read the article and record yourself. All you need is a microphone, presentation software and screencast recording software.

For editing you can use the best known paid solution – Camtasia or the free open source alternative CamStudio. Then you can sell this multimedia or use it for backlinks and traffic.

Create Your Own Reports and Courses

Reports have many uses. You can start with publishing them to PDF directories for backlinks and traffic. You can also use them to 'bribe' people to subscribe to your mailing list. After that you can send them more content through autoresponder with affiliate and your own product recommendations.

Another option is to sell the report for a few dollars or even sell them with resell, master resell or private label rights.

Creating and Dropshipping CDs and DVDs

A great way to differ yourself from all the eBooks competition is to dropship that same eBook on a CD or DVD with some more content, like repurposed PLR articles in the form of audio or video. This way you can also sell them on eBay and other auction sites.

Becoming A Wholesaler – Resell And
Master Resell Rights

As mentioned before, you can also sell your content under the RR, MRR or PLR rights. This way you can create a resource site for marketers in that niche and offer them different options to use your content.

While it’s definitely not recommend granting your customers a PLR license under normal circumstances, there are cases where you might want to do this.

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There is a detailed guide on all of the above methods plus a lot of other useful articles: market research, website creation and PLR essentials. Besides getting a fantastic knowledge resource Big Content Search also has an enormous database of 225,000+ PLR niche articles with which there’s no limit to your making money with PLR.

You can find more methods and resources in our members' area. Besides getting a fantastic knowledge resource Big Content Search also has an enormous database of 225,000+ PLR niche articles.

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