What is PLR or Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights, or abbreviated PLR, is a type of license where authors sell or give-away most or all of their rights to the content they created. It's a similar concept to 'private label' products, commonly used in retail.

In practice this means you can do almost anything with PLR content: modify it, use it, sell it, resell it and claim authorship.

There are many types of Private Label Rights content:

  • articles and eBooks,
  • videos and audio files,
  • graphics (templates),
  • software.

Read below for more information about PLR and related licenses.

Warning: The whole concept of Private Label Rights content on the internet is still mostly a “wild west” since every author has his or her own interpretation of the license. Below we’ll overview the licenses as we use them and as we saw them most commonly used. In any case, be sure to check the licenses with each PLR content you download.

Private Label Rights License

Private Label Rights license is usually very nonrestrictive, almost like creating your own product. Excluding copyright claim on the original product you can do almost anything with this type of content: modify it, use it, claim authorship, sell it, resell it or re-purpose it (change format from text to video/audio and similar). Some even allow you to claim copyright if you change the content significantly.

When authors do restrict this license, it’s usually by prohibiting give-aways, selling or reselling.

In short:

  • with PLR you can modify the content in any way,
  • you can claim authorship,
  • you can sell it with the rights you choose (examples: resell rights, master resell rights),
  • you cannot claim copyright on the original product.

Other: Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights

Resell Rights license is very restrictive as the author keeps all the rights except to his or her royalties when reselling the product. This means you can resell the content to your customer but must keep it intact.

With Master Resell Rights there’s only one difference: your customer can sell their customers resell rights to the product.

In short:

  • cannot be modified,
  • cannot claim authorship or copyright,
  • can be resold to end users,
  • you keep the profits from reselling.

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