Looking for PLR eBooks?

Searching for eBooks on old PLR memberships or through your own disk can be a real pain.

What if you could have a search engine?

Search PLR Articles

Big Content Search has a searchable database of over 1,000 PLR eBooks and 225,000 PLR Articles. No more frustrating browsing through folders to find suitable files. eBooks and Articles are now just a search away.

How To Use PLR eBooks

There are many uses for PLR eBooks once you find appropriate ones.

  • submit them to PDF directories for backlinks,
  • break them into chapters for articles or blog posts,
  • create website tutorials,
  • create optin reports,
  • create eBooks to sell or resell

And there are many, many more uses. We analyze them all in detail in a guide from our members' area. There you can read everything from basic market research articles to advanced techniques in using PLR and PLR articles.

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